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Get listed, get found, get more customers!

Local SEO is important. It’s imperative that your business is listed on the directory maps of Google Places, Mapquest, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Yelp, along with hundreds more, to ensure your business ranks high on database-driven searches, no matter the search engine. Don’t forget customers searching on the go with their in-car GPS navigation devices and mobile phones ­­— all of which query a myriad of databases to deliver relevant search results based on keywords, categories, enhancements, accuracy, and authenticity of directory listings.

The good news is, you can get listed on most of these sites for free! The bad news is that it can take weeks of frustration, finding all the directories you need to be listed on, filling out the endless forms, struggling with CaPtChA codes, verifying identity, and then having to do it all again if there are any errors. 
Even if you wanted to do it yourself, where do you start? And if any of your listings have old, missing, or inconsistent data, your business listing may be flagged as untrusted, potentially knocking your business out of all the directories!

If your business is not listed — and listed properly — it reduces your organic search opportunities, making it harder for new customers to find you easily through these database-driven searches.

You need your online directory listings done right and cost-effectively. That’s what we do.

We understand that you’re not in the Internet marketing business, that your time is valuable, and that searching the Internet filling out endless forms takes you away from doing your business.

Local SEO Launch has been working with directories and search engines since the beginning of the Internet. We understand how it works and how to get you listed ahead of your competition. Our QUICKSTART LISTING LAUNCH lists your business on all the major Internet directories and search engines, along with major navigation sites, and other core databases. We do it carefully and correctly and best of all, WE MAKE IT EASY!

Our QUICKSTART LISTING LAUNCH solves this problem by submitting your accurate, detailed business profile to major data channels and more than 100 digital portals, including the Internet, mobile, and in-car search engines!