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Social Media: The Driving Force of Local Search

If you own one of the few people in the world who hasn’t heard of social media campaigns or the supreme king of social networking websites known as Facebook, then you probably should crawl back into your Delorian and put on a nice 8-track of falsetto voices. While there are still a few people who don’t have Facebook accounts (Facebook boasts 400 million active users), nothing can drive hyperlocal searches like a fan page on the social network’s site.

Creating a fan page on Facebook is relatively simple and it’s easy to copy and paste a web address onto the page for visitors to click on. People who are fans of your website can “like” it on Facebook and encourage other friends to like the service as well. Since people spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook, it’s a pretty easy way to get people to view your site and interact with your visitors by announcing news or promotions.

Twitter is another social media network that is gaining prominence on the web. Twitter simply allows users to post “tweets” to other users who are following them about news, activities, pictures, and other information (or in Lindsay Lohan’s case, too much information). An ever-popular website with celebrities and news media alike, Twitter is an informal way for you to interact with people who utilize your website in 130 characters or less. It also a great way to promote news on your website.

Myspace is also another website that is utilized by many businesses and web promoters. As the grandfather to all social networking websites, Myspace was the former king of social media networks before Facebook exploded. Today, it’s popular with musicians and promoters who are targeting a younger market. Myspace tends to focus on the younger preteen market (Facebook traditionally catered to college kids and older), but it does have a feature that allows Twitter to update its feed automatically, but if you’re wanting to attract as many visitors to your site as you can, don’t discount the former king of social networks and create a Myspace page to promote your website.

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