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Santa Barbara Google Ads for Local Service Businesses

Advertising drives business growth. It amplifies marketing efforts and enables you to reach relevant audiences with the right messages.

That being said, most businesses today are exploiting Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) and reaping significant returns in the process. If you don’t know what Google LSAs are but want to know more, you’re in the right place.

We have discussed everything you need to know about Local Service Ads in this piece. The sections below define LSAs, explore reasons to use these ads, and introduce tips for getting the most out of Local Services Ads.

Google Ads for Local Service Businesses

An Overview of Google Local Services Ads

When a prospect uses a search engine to search for the services you offer in any given area, they’ll likely be bombarded by numerous results.  That is so because the chances are high that you have several competitors in your locale, and all of you are grappling for the same clients.

But you can outdo the competition by ensuring your ads appear at the very top, above traditional Google Ads and organic results. How? Simple. By using pay-per-lead ads known as Google Local Services Ads.

Simply put, Local Service Ads help you connect with internet users in your areas searching for the services you offer. The best thing about this solution is your business is only required to pay when a prospect contacts you directly through a Google Local Services Ad.

Outstanding Reasons to Use Local Service Ads

Using Google Local Service Ads is highly advisable for the following reasons:

1. Pay for Working Ads

As a small business owner, you likely dedicate between 3-5% of your projected gross revenue to marketing campaigns. And that translates to significant sums, more so if you run a budding business.

Fortunately, investing in marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be a matter of speculation and crossing fingers anymore. With Google Local Services Ads, you only pay when customers use the ads to contact your company. So, while using this platform, you pay for leads, not clicks.

2. Boost Google Search Visibility

Any service provider aiming for uncapped success needs to pay close attention to Google search visibility for the following reasons:

  • Without search visibility, assessing a site’s performance in the online world is nearly impossible
  • Visibility enables businesses to diagnose SEO (search engine optimization) issues promptly
  • Stakeholders can use visibility to get an unrivaled view of their sites’ SEO health

That said, Google Local Services Ads boost your business’s visibility by ensuring its site shows up organically in search results and is among the topmost listed ads.

3. Connect with Local Prospects

Did you know that 93% of consumers used search engines to look for local businesses in 2020 alone?  That’s right.

People often shop for local service providers because they are within easy reach, associated with localized gifts, and provide excellent customer services. What’s more, such businesses bolster growth and prosperity in local communities.

With that in mind, Google Local Service Ads help you target local prospects and exploit localized advertising. And that is crucial because people in your area are more likely to convert into customers than prospects from elsewhere.

4. Get the Google Guarantee Badge

The Google Guarantee Badge is a boon awarded to businesses that have passed Google’s screening and eligibility requirements through the Local Services Ads program. This badge is indispensable for the following reasons:

  • It reassures customers
  • It helps businesses stand out
  • It’s proof of dedication to optimum brand reputation
  • It’s a driver for qualified leads

If you want to display the Google Guarantee Badge on your business website and enjoy accompanying perks, get a Local Service Ads account and use it to apply for the token.

5. Choose When to Display Ads

Improperly timed adverts are nothing but costly inconveniences and a waste of resources. And they don’t help you maximize outreach, which you need to net in more paying customers.

Luckily, improper timing is less of a concern when using the Google Local Services Ads program. That is so because the platform allows you to specify the time and day of the week you’d like your ads to be displayed.

If you use this feature correctly, exploiting trends like weekend arrest rates and subsequent spikes in need for lawyer services becomes a breeze.

How to Get the Best Out of Local Services Ads

Here are several tips to help you boost your Local Services Ads return on investment and ensure this solution is a roaring success:

Optimize Your Local Services Ads

Setting up a Google Local Services Ads account and launching campaigns isn’t enough. If you want the project to meet and exceed expectations, focus on optimizing your LSAs. The following strategies can help you to that end:

  • Extend hourly availability
  • Prepare to spend more on campaigns
  • Add more zip codes and radius

Shun Avoidable Disapprovals

Google has specific policies that Local Services Ads and similar content must follow. If you post an ad that doesn’t adhere to said policies, it may get disapproved. And a disapproved Local Services ad can’t run until you’ve addressed the policy violation issue.

Since prevention is better than cure, try to avoid unnecessary disapprovals. Several tips can help you to that end, including paying close attention to certification expiration dates and submitting clear, engaging business images.

Aim for Better Reviews

Did you know that reviews and ratings can improve or undercut your business’s Local Services Ads ranking? If your company receives more positive reviews and higher star ratings, expect to reap more from Local Services Ads and other related marketing ploys.

You can ensure your business has better reviews and ratings in numerous ways. First, ask satisfied customers to leave glowing reviews. Moreover, follow up on negative and positive feedback and show clients you care.

We’d Like to Help Your Business Grow Exponentially

Your business can’t thrive without leads. Why? Leads give you prospects, and prospects eventually convert into paying customers. That is why it shouldn’t be running without a lead-generating website.

At Service Pop, our main objective is to fuel your company’s growth and success by providing top-tier, award-winning websites. Our record speaks for itself: 94% of our clients have reported improved rankings after two months! Want to partner with us? Contact us today!