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Local SEO

Link Building – Why You Need It

We at can help your business with Santa Barbara SEO and Local SEO link building.

Link Building is an important part of the hyperlocal search. If you choose to implement only SEO keyword searches into your content and publish your website to the internet, you can be sure most people won’t find your site. Link building is a necessary part of promoting your website and is needed in order to rank your site effectively.

Link building can be simple and easy if you use the right resources. If you have the money, you can pay for pay-per-click advertising with banner ads on search engines or websites. This is a good way to generate buzz and traffic to your website that could build links. Paying for listings in directories is another popular way to get visitors to your site too.

If you have a small business or have a strict budget, you can create tags on similar sites on websites like People may follow the tags back to your website providing another opportunity for link building. Another free way to link building is to post your website in the directory listing on Craigslist or, if you have a substantial topic, creating a Wikipedia page that links back to your site. Forums are also another popular way to build links to your website especially if your site has a particular expertise about a certain topic.

Building business links can be as simple as submitting your link to relevant state and city government resources or joining the Better Business Bureau. If you have any business relationships with non-competing businesses in your field, then you can request links from them to help build links in your community.

Public Relations websites are another great way to submit press releases about any upcoming news and topics relating to your website. You may have to pay to submit your press release to particular websites, but it’s a great way to get your name out in the industry.

Link building can be a tedious task but is necessary to sustain the life of your website and get your name out in the local area. By building links of quality sites, you can be sure that your website is getting the amount of traffic you need to generate awareness of your topic.