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5 Tips for Local Business Websites to Turn Clicks into Calls

As AdWords managers, our goal is to bring qualified leads or sales to our customers. These can come in the form of online contact form submissions, sales, and phone calls.

So, what do we do when we are bringing in clicks but no phone calls? Well, we go beyond our job as mere AdWords managers and we delve into the world of website optimization. Pinnacle Platform provides website optimization, website audits, hosting, website support and web design.

We now need to analyze everything from website structure and design to content layout and user experience. Below, some tips to ensure your AdWords dollars aren’t going to waste by bringing in traffic that doesn’t convert.

1. Place Phone Number in an Easy to Find Spot

I was on the phone with a customer one day and he told me that he was not convinced that placing the phone number above the fold on every page on his website would bring in more calls. He was satisfied with only having his phone number at the very bottom of his Contact Us page in VERY small text.

After digging further, I discovered he really wasn’t equipped to handle increased phone traffic, so we agreed that we would leave the phone number a bit hidden and would focus on Contact Us Forms, which ARE located on every page in an easy to find spot.

Point of This Story

If you want to receive phone calls, make sure your phone number is in an easy to find spot on ALL your site’s pages. In today’s hectic world, if a potential customer cannot easily call you when they wish to, they will move on to the next provider who DOES have their phone number in an easy to find spot.

2. Create Useful Content

Nowadays, you can find absolutely EVERYTHING online. Including information on exotic getaways, recipes for bizarre dishes, and even distances to the most remote locations.

So, if providing some useful content will win you some customers, by all means create it. This is the best form of free advertising possible.

Give customers a taste of how knowledgeable you are in your field. Let them glimpse a bit of your expertise, just enough to get them to call you and become a customer.

Doing so will also win you points with Google, who is big on content with their new organic search algorithm. Which means that besides being in a top paid spot, you will also rank high organically, owning more reality on the search results page.

Top rank in paid results will almost guarantee that your phone number is one of the first they see, so make sure you have Call Extensions enabled.

3. Ensure Ad/Landing Page Relevancy

When a customer lands on your website they come with certain expectations. They expect to find what your ad promises.

If your ad for Toshiba laptops takes them to a landing page for Dell desktops, we are starting off on the wrong foot! A customer looking for laptops from a specific brand should be redirected to a landing page relevant to their search intent.

We must make it as simple as possible for all potential customers to find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Don’t assume that because you have a great site search tool, customers will use it. They won’t!

And even though you may have the biggest online selection of Toshiba laptops, if you don’t correctly guide your customers to them, you will be stuck with that huge inventory.

By increasing relevancy, you will also increase your Quality Score, which will lower your costs per click and allow you to receive more clicks for the same daily budget.

4. Quality Website Design and Mobile Compatibility

Chances are that you have invested time, money and sweat into your online business. So it would be a shame if a shopper landed on your site, took one look and left right away, costing you a click and a customer.

Unfortunately, this happens much too often when site owners allow their sister’s neighbor’s friend who is taking some online courses, design their website.

Many site owners will try to save money wherever they can, but the site design is NOT one place to skimp.

Your website is your storefront and you should ensure that it is clean kept and pleasing to the eye. Keep clutter to a minimum and prominently place your top sellers front and center.

Ensure your site is organized intuitively and everything works properly. This includes the correct use of Meta tags for your content so you can benefit from higher Quality Scores.

And in case of customers wish to contact you, make sure your number or contact form is in an easy to find place.

Furthermore, make sure you read up on mobile site compatibility and put these new practices into place. Mobile is a big up and comer!

5. Call Tracking is a Must

I’ve come across many clients who will want to increase traffic to their website but will not have the necessary tools in place to measure performance.

The one truly great part of Online Advertising is that absolutely EVERYTHING is measurable. We must take advantage of every piece of information available by installing Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking, E-commerce Tools, and most importantly (for the purpose of this blog) Call Tracking.

Call Tracking will allow us to track every call that is a result of AdWords advertising. We can even determine the keywords that triggered calls allowing us to optimize for calls at a keyword level.

Imagine being able to, after a period of time, pause all your keywords that resulted in neither calls nor online conversions, and assign your daily budget only to keywords that result in the desired action. Imagine what that would do for your ROI!

Be a Responsible Website Owner

To reiterate, there is no bigger mistake than having a potential customer unable to contact you, because you are not providing the necessary information. They will leave and not come back!

As a website owner, you must make sure that the purchase process is as simple and quick as possible. You must ensure everything is where it should be and is working properly.

By staying updated with the latest technologies and design techniques, you will ensure that all your visitors can navigate your site, have a pleasant online experience and convert into customers (customers who may wish to call you). In other words, make sure you place your number prominently on your site.

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